コラム:パリジェンヌの東京映画レポート2 - 第8回




“Micmac à tire-larigot” and “Le petit Nicolas” - two movies that had been long-awaited in France. “Micmac”, because of French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, father of Amélie Poulain, who’s fabulous destiny enchanted millions of spectators all over the world almost ten years ago. “Le Petit Nicolas”, because it is the screen version of the famous and beloved French children book created by René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé . Those two nostalgia-tinged movies are now coming out in Japan, and will carry the Japanese audience away, into a colorful and fabulous Paris.


Jean-Pierre Jeunet is well-known for the quite unique and recognizable atmosphere of his movies and he managed to recreate this atmosphere in his new movie. And “Le Petit Nicolas”, even though the story and the origins of the movie are completely different, has a lot of similarities with it.

First, there are those strange and stereotyped characters defined by a specific personality or physical appearance. As scatter-brained as they may seem, Jeunet makes us believe in their existence, and makes those whimsical and comic characters credible. With Jeunet, you can believe in absolutely everything. A contortionist in a fridge or dancing dresses? You don’t even question what you see! Why should it be impossible? The characters fit so perfectly well in the story and they contribute to it with their weird characteristics and abilities. What's more, Jeunet also uses his characters to make an investigation on the mysteries of French language. Thus, Remington only speaks in idiomatic phrases, which sometimes drives his friends crazy, but which is really hilarious and shows what a creativity genius Jeunet is.

Even though the characters of “Le Petit Nicolas” are not as freakish as “Micmac”’s, they are nevertheless stereotyped, but in a sweeter and more childish way. But unlike MicMac's characters, Nicolas' friends, teachers and parents seem very familiar to us. There is for instance Agnan, the teacher’s pet or Alceste the boy who’s always eating, or Eude who likes to punch people. Doesn’t it somehow remind us of our own childhood? The Japanese spectator will definitely not be able to refrain from exclaiming “kawaii!” while watching this movie!


Bazil (played by Dany Boon) and his weird friends, as well as Nicolas and his best school mates take us on a trip to a colourful and nostalgia-tinged Paris. But while “Le Petit Nicolas” faithfully reproduces a decorous Paris of post-war years, MicMac takes place in a more fantastic and warm-colored Paris characterized by a combination of both modern and old-fashioned elements. Funnily enough, we don't mind this unrealistic combination between the quickest means of transport and ancient tricycles, or between ultra-modern and run-down buildings, it somehow perfectly fits in Jeunet's whimsical world, and also reminds us of Amélie’s unique universe.

And it is thanks to those strong visual aspect (the characters and the atmosphere) that those French movies can now be exported to Japan, whereas other French movies, such as the comedy ““Bienvenue chez les ch’tis” for instance, also starring Dany Boon and which was a truly hit in France, cannot be exported because of cultural and linguistic barriers.
It would have been a pity not to be able to export those two movies abroad, as they sparkle with creativity, make you laugh, and speak to children…of all age!

This article is my last one for eiga.com, as I am heading back home at the end of this week. I’ve learned a lot about the cinema world during this summer, and hopefully you learned a lot too! I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I did!

Thank you for reading my articles!


ミックマック」と「プチ・ニコラ ぼくらのいたずら大作戦」は、フランスで長い間公開が待ち望まれていた映画です。なぜなら「ミックマック」のジャン=ピエール・ジュネ監督は10年前に「アメリ」で世界中の観客を魅了しましたし、「プチ・ニコラ」はルネ・ゴシニとジャン=ジャック・サンペによるフランスの国民的絵本の映画化です。このノスタルジックな2本のフランス映画がいよいよ日本にも上陸し、日本の観客を色とりどりなパリの街へと連れていってくれることでしょう。



ジュネ監督の作品には、典型的ながらも性格もしくは見た目のおかしい奇抜なキャラクターが数多く登場します。しかし、そんな風変わりで滑稽なキャラクターたちもジュネ監督の手にかかれば、その存在を疑う余地はありません。冷蔵庫の中の曲芸師や踊るドレスが出てきたとしても、何の問題があるでしょう? 彼らは往々にして、ストーリーになくてはならない存在なのです。オマール・シー扮するレミントンの人をイラつかせる独特な話し方など、まさにジュネの天才ぶりがうかがえます。

「プチ・ニコラ」には「ミックマック」ほどの奇妙なキャラクターは登場しませんが、かわいらしいお決まりなキャラクターたちが登場します。いつも何かを食べている少年や人にパンチするのが好きな少年など、「ミックマック」に比べると親近感のわきやすい人物が登場し、観客も自らの幼少時代を思い出すのではないでしょうか? きっと日本の観客は「カワイイ!」を連発せずにはいられないでしょう。



そんな個性的な2作品だからこそ、日本での公開にこぎつけたのだと思います。ダニー・ブーンが監督・主演を務めるコメディ映画「Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis(シュティの地へようこそ、の意)」は、フランス映画史上最大のヒットを記録したにも関わらず、文化的な違いからか日本での公開はかないませんでした。そんななか、どんな世代でも楽しめるこの創造力にあふれた2作が日本公開を果たせたことはうれしい限りです。









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